A convoy of classic police vehicles in Molesey

A convoy of fourteen classic police vehicles dating back to 1948 travelling from Hampton – starting at the Court Traffic Garage through iconic central London sites to their new home at Hendon Driving School today, Wednesday 26 February.

The Moon and Venus – February 26th

Today was a special event for Stargazers – Venus and the Moon were very close together in the southern pre-dawn sky. They rank as the second-brightest and third-brightest heavenly bodies, after the sun. I took these photos at 6:30 am in East Molesey through a gap in the trees.


Molesey and Hampton Court

A guide to Hampton Court and Molesey.

Welcome to Hampton Court and Molesey and welcome to our guide. In this article I will show you where to go and what to do in one of the countries most famed boroughs.

The Molesey Regatta

Your guide to sport in Molesey

In Molesey you will find a host of different sports in which you can do, ranging from joining Molesey Football Club to signing up to the country renown rowing club. There is plenty to do.

Kingston Upon Thames Bridge

A visit to Kingson Upon Thames

We visited Kingston Upon Thames today, there are plenty of sales taking place, and also a lot of work going on in the market place with the refurbishment..