Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

Carole Mcathey -Chartered  Physiotherapist. Qualified for over 30 years , registered with Chartered Society Of Physiotherapists,  Health Professions Council and fully insured. Tel: 020 8398 3293 Email: 

Tai Chi Classes in East Molesey-2015

Heaven Mountain: Tai Chi and Qigong Classes in East Molesey

Heaven Mountain: Tai Chi and Qigong Classes in East Molese   Tai Chi  is probably the most practised exercise in the world, originating in China as a Martial Art and developing over time into the modern health based system. Most people are familiar with the Form, the classic image being that of a slow flowing…

DST Chinese Medical Centre

DST Chinese Medical Centre – East Molesey

At DST we operate under a strict code of practice. We only have highly experienced and practised Chinese clinicians, who have years of valuable experience and knowledge. We only use herbs and medicines that have been licensed by appropriate authorities. Tel: 0208 979 6222