Hampton Court Palace

East Molesey is lucky to be home to the oldest Tudor palace in England, Hampton Court is unsurprisingly one of the most popular tourist attractions outside of London. Mainly due to the infamous behaviour of Tudor monarch King Henry VIII.

In 1514 Thomas Wolsey leased Hampton Court Palace and a year later, began a massive redevelopment turning the private house into the grand palace it is today. Just 13 years later, the palace became the property of King Henry VIII who spent £62,000 on extending and rebuilding the Hampton Court Palace. Although that doesn’t seem like much by today’s standards, this would be the equivalent of spending £18 million!

So what would be the current value of Hampton Court Palace? Sorry to disappoint but as an irreplaceable part of Tudor history, the palace is quite literally priceless. One fun estimation we did make was on the value of the palace gardens. Based on a rough estimate calculated by nearby values, the approximate cost per square foot of property in the riverside East Molesey area is around £725 per square foot. The price of land is usually around one third of the anticipated property value, so let’s say that the current price is £250.00 per square foot of land. The palace gardens are (brace yourself) 47,916,000 square feet bringing the grand total value of the land to £11,979,700,000. Whilst this sounds like an absolutely absurd amount of money, this doesn’t take into account the premium that would apply given the location and history associated with it.

We would just like to point out that in no way do we claim this estimated value to be accurate. However if you are planning to sell your property and need an Estate Agent in the East Molesey/ West Molesey area, we can guarantee a much more accurate valuation!

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