Hampton Court Tours - David Packer

Hampton Court Tours – David Packer

Let me tell you a story…
Hampton Court Palace is a magnificent labyrinth of a building with a long and complicated history…

It’s not made of brick, stone, wood and glass, it’s made of people, and people make stories. A local guide with a deep knowledge of the palace, its history and its people can really make a visit into a memorable event.

I am David, and as someone who lives within sight of the palace, worked at there for over 16 years and is an accredited palace guide*, I am perfectly placed to be that guide and show you around this amazing building and share some of its fascinating stories.

I can give you a general tour, or a more specialised experience tailored to your needs. Maybe you couldn’t care less which wives of Henry VIII were divorced, beheaded or survived, but would really like to know how the Tudor court was fed and watered and how the palace itself worked. Or perhaps you want to know about the palace after the royals left and what life was like for the Victorian Grace and Favour residents. Hampton Court has so much more to it than just the Tudors, with two centuries of royal occupation under three dynasties and three centuries as a Grace and Favour residence and one of England’s first major heritage tourist attractions, there are stories to surprise and delight even the most dedicated history buff. And then there are always the ghosts…

If you have relatives visiting, a business client you want to entertain and impress, or you just haven’t been to the palace for years, get in touch and we can arrange a tour for you. And don’t forget, Historic Royal Palaces Members get a discount.
*Qualified with the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

Email: david@hamptoncourttours.com 

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Hampton Court Tours - David Packer
Hampton Court Tours - David Packer
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Hampton Court Tours - David Packer