Sakura Yakiniku Japanese restaurant Hampton court

Sakura Yakiniku is proud to be the first Japanese restaurant that provides an authentic smokeless barbecue restaurant in East Molesey, just a short walk from the historic Hampton Court Palace.


The most unique feature of YAKINIKU is that the meat will come to you RAW! You get to grill it all by yourself. We have a selection of traditional and complementary dishes to suit all including imported Japanese top grade WAGYU beef, British premium steak beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and a selection of vegetables, with our special home-made sauce.

We only want the best, so our grills are imported all the way from Japan. The best part of this is that with their unique cutting-edge technology alongside the down draft vent system, the smoke is sucked under the table and away from our guests so the grill is smokeless. This minimises the smokiness associated with similar grills allowing you to enjoy your dining experience at Sakura Yakiniku.

We only serve the finest and freshest ingredients, cooking with little processing and oil, preserving not only the natural taste, but also the nutrients. A member of staff will come over and get the grill started after ordering. The heating power of the grill allows the surface of meat or vegetables to cook quickly and you can enjoy the tender texture of the meat with the juices sealed in. As you are cooking the food yourself, you can choose how much you want to eat!

Sakura Yakiniku is the perfect restaurant for guests to explore a new experience dining with family, friends, or even a date!

Sakura Yakiniku Japanese restaurant
13-14 Hampton Court Parade,
East Molesey, Surrey
Tel: 020 8941 8088

Sakura Yakiniku Japanese restaurant East Molesey near Hampton Court Palace 3