Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

Carole Mcathey -Chartered  Physiotherapist. Qualified for over 30 years ,
registered with Chartered Society Of Physiotherapists,  Health Professions Council
and fully insured.
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Physiotherapy is a science based Healthcare Profession which views movement as central to health and well being.

Sports Medicine is a branch of Medicine that deals with injuries sustained in Sports, including their Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Orthopaedics restoring Mobility, Strength, Balance and Function to the Spine, all the Joints of the body and the surrounding Soft Tissues eg after Joint replacement , Ligament repair, Spinal surgery or accidents.

Occupational Health looking at Work habits and Posture to prevent Physical Problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury, Headaches and Neck or Back pain.

Treatments Include:

Mobilisations the gentle movement of stiff joints
Muscle Imbalance Correction
Electrotherapy for pain relief and to reduce swelling
Postural Re- Education
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Post Operative Rehabilitation
Ergonomic Advice
Balance and Gait Re- Education

Prevention by understanding what is meant by GOOD posture or movement, muscle control and stability YOU can learn how to prevent long-term chronic pain and loss of function, strengthen your muscle groups and maintain nerve mobility, to enable you to maintain your health and fitness for longer.

Life is stressful enough . Joint pain, stiffness, general aching or soreness or loss of movement and function can be caused by poor posture or movement patterns, lack of muscle strength or nerve mobility, or the onset of a problem eg Arthritis. These symptoms we can reduce through exercise regimes and pain relieving techniques.

Assessment A full assessment enables a Chartered Physiotherapist to give you a Diagnosis and Explanation of what is wrong and a Plan Of Treatment to manage the condition and to try to Prevent Deterioration Or Recurrence.

Support Services Your Physiotherapist will notify your GP that you have attended for treatment and provide the diagnosis and treatment plan and will request Further Investigations Or A Referral On To A Consultant Specialist If Necessary.

Referral: you can self refer. A GP or consultant referral is required for treatment under medical insurance.

Carole McAthey is the Chartered Physiotherapist. Qualified for over 30 years , registered with Chartered Society Of Physiotherapists, Health Professions Council and fully insured. Continuing Professional Development in Physiotherapy, Emergency Medicine , Acupuncture and Pilates. Worked extensively with Professional athletes and sports teams to the highest level. CRB checked. Excellent working relationship with local GPs and Consultants. Able to refer for MRI , X-ray , or Hydrotherapy.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:15- 5:15 pm
Tuesday, Thursday 2:15- 6 pm

Appointments: Each Appointment Is 45 Minutes Long

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