Foggy Day in Molesey ...


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Super, moody photos, looks a bit like the good old days .xx

Looks like a scene from a Dickens" story!

Conditions just right for the phantom raspberry blower

Good job L&L you came up to the 😎 Sunny Midlands!!!! β˜€οΈπŸ˜œπŸ˜ Xxxxx

Looked like that in the 50s and 60s, surely not now,.

Lovely pics !

I'd love to be there to take pictures!

Yes, quite Foggy !!

Fog looks worse than they had in France!

Looks as it was in 1950 1960 Smog to many wood burners now, was then too many Coal fires

It's also foggy here in Mortain, France

Not foggy in Cumbria, but grey too

Same here in Seaton, Devon. Happy New Year.


Used to live in East Molesey, Surrey....

The same here in Norfolk.

Beautifully atmospheric...

Fine in the Fens Cambs

Grey day in Shropshire xx

Was foggy on and off driving back from the coast to Molesey. Great photos very atmospheric!

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Off to the Christmas Party
Hampton Court Palace...

Off to the Christmas Party
Hampton Court Palace...


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Happy Christmas All xx

See you in the next few days xx

From 2008.


Where is this magical village?

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Some Photos taken yesterday at the Hampton Court Palace Festive Fayre 07 – 09 December 2018. ...


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Going Sunday morning. Love the summer Food Fayre and hope this is as good!

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